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Williamstown Theatre Festival Week One

Hey everyone! A lot has happened in the past six or so weeks since I’ve been able to update. I am currently sitting in the dorm room of Williams College where I will be spending my summer in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. I am wearing almost nothing because it is hot and humid as balls. […]

Post-Romance Update

No rest for the weary, lovers. I write to you in the throes of my post-show blues after opening and closing Mamet’s Romance last weekend. Character-wise, I am inclined to say that it was my proudest performance at Northwestern to date. The show was very positively received as hilarious and severely offensive, which sounds like […]


So, I think we all get it by now: that I’m not into labels, I’m a pretty liberal lad, and I embrace all identities of gender and sexuality. The phrase “Gender is a construct!” is something I yell on at least a daily basis. It has become something of a tagline or an inside joke […]

It’s Called… Acting

I get that typing is very much a thing in the theatre industry. It is important to be cognizant of your type so that you can market yourself effectively. However, at the young age of 20, I am already worried about being pigeonholed as a “gay actor.” The two major credits I have garnered for […]

Expanding Horizons

I’m really into performing. There is something about creating a unique relationship during a performance with the people in a room, both the cast and the audience, that is electrifying to me. That excitement is the reason I want to create that sensation over and over again for the remainder of my days. Also, to […]