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Williamstown Theatre Festival Week One

Hey everyone!

A lot has happened in the past six or so weeks since I’ve been able to update. I am currently sitting in the dorm room of Williams College where I will be spending my summer in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. I am wearing almost nothing because it is hot and humid as balls. What am I doing in the middle of nowhere you ask? Great question, cyber friend. I have an acting apprenticeship with an awesome, Tony-award winning company called Williamstown Theatre Festival. What the fuck is an apprenticeship, you wonder? Another great question, you’re killing it. Let me explain.

Basically myself and 67 other young, aspiring actors are here to make the festival run. We do everything from hanging lights to performing quick changes to driving around New England putting up flyers. Essentially we are here to be the workforce of the festival under the guidance of some very talented theatre artists. We also take classes and learn from the incredible performers, directors, and designers who are doing what we one day hope to achieve. And the cherry on top is that we also get some performance opportunities!

Originally, I was planning on studying abroad in England this summer. I switched my plans for a multitude of reasons. Most importantly, this program is longer, and I will be making American connections. Almost everyone here from production to actors to apprentices is based out of New York City, so it will be wonderful to have a network of people there, since everyone I know is in Chicago theatre. Also, I will be getting my EMC card at the end of the summer which is a great step in the right direction for an acting career.

I will be performing in the company’s cabaret series, which is an awesome tradition. Each year, twelve apprentices are chosen to put together a cabaret featuring actors from the season’s shows and ourselves. We have our second rehearsal tonight and I cannot wait to see how it is all coming together. There are four other Wildcats in the company so it’s been great for us to do that together. In total, there are seven Northwestern students on the program. Purple invasion! Those cabarets happen biweekly in July and August, and if you’re in the area, I encourage you to check it out!

In the personal life category, I came out to the rest of my immediately family the night before I came here, which was a humongous relief. Everyone was pretty cool about it and it ended up being much less of an event than I had always anticipated it would be. My sister, Gracielle, said she thought that was “cool! because gay people are nicer!” … So sort of stereotyping, but I’ll take it for now. My dad, who I was the most afraid about, probably had the best reaction of everyone. All he had to say was, “if you’re happy, I’m happy.” Hearing that was about the happiest I’d been in a while.

Also on that personal life front, I am single again. Those of you who sadistically enjoyed me freaking out about boys 24/7 can look forward to that coming back again. Whoooo.

Anyway, Massachusetts has been really cool and I’m making a lot of great friends. I’m really missing Chicago, especially this weekend which was the pride parade. I’m sad to be missing out on a lot of the cool theatre that will be going up, but I’m hoping that distance will make my heart grow fonder. I was getting a little antsy in Evanston, and I think after a summer away, I will love it all the more.

Anyway, things are going well on this front! Working hard and playing hard!

Stay hot and keep it messy,


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