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I Hope Never To Read Another Article As Ludicrous As This…

My Facebook feed is currently a confusing mass of hundreds of red equal signs. This display of love and support of the gay community from hundreds of my online friends is heartwarming and uplifting to say the least. I go to a liberal university and I have rarely felt unsafe or victimized as a queer […]

Daddy Issues

So here’s the thing. Many of my friends know that I joke about my daddy issues all the time. And what queer twenty year old who refuses to move back home under any circumstances doesn’t have daddy issues, amirite? But why is it that I only perform monologues that are about troubled relationships with a […]

Dmp Dmp Da Da Dmpdadmp

So I think I’ve mentioned that I do this really dorky thing called a cappella. Most of you normal people may associate this with the movie Pitch Perfect, and you are more or less correct. In the three years that I have been in Extreme Measures, we have recorded our first studio album, traveled to […]

The Ventality

Thriving in a city environment is all about the attitude. Us Chicagoans have a nicer, more Midwestern reputation than our counterparts on either coast, but it is important to be able to subtly assert a “head bitch in charge” vibe when it becomes necessary. This ability is crucial to survival as a city-dwelling twink, though I would […]

( WHAT: She Kills Monsters WHEN: February 15 – April 21, 2013 (schedule) WHERE: Steppenwolf Garage Theatre (1624 N. Halsted St.) RUNTIME: 90 minutes, no intermission WHO: Buzz22 Chicago PRICE: $20 OUR RATING: Do It! ( Each year, Steppenwolf’s Garage Theatre explodes with new talent in three repertory productions from some of Chicago’s up-and-coming theater…