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Knowing I’m On The Street Where You Live

Men. They suck. But they’re great. But I hate them. If you’ve had a conversation with me in the past two or three months, it has probably been about men. Because I can think of nothing else. I have actively been telling myself to just stop worrying myself so much about it, but what am I doing right now? Furthering this masochist behavior. Surprise, surprise. I honestly have no idea who the fuck reads this blog, it could be no one, it could be everyone, so I am going to limit what I share publicly for the sake of my social status, but let’s just say that there are a lot of confusing men in my life right now. Friends who are altogether too flirtatious, exes, boys who are not single, it’s all over the place. And it doesn’t really help when you throw a rager that brings all of those people together.

Speaking of, I threw a rager last night and I must say I am mighty proud of it, as the original concept came from my very own brain. In my apartment tower, there are six apartments; collectively we threw one giant party called (Most of) The Seven Deadly Sins, with each apartment having a different theme. Mine was wrath and my roommate, Rachel, got really into it. Photos to come. I woke up still drunk for the first time in my life and this morning, the party gossip has been spreading and the drunken photos are being tagged. It was truly epic in a way I cannot describe to you.

Anyway back to men (WHO THE FUCK AM I?!) The problem is, I live in a very incestuous community of theatre folk. There are about 400 of us, which may seem like a lot, but there is literally no escape from each other. So sexual tension runs RAMPANT. There is literally not more than one degree of hook up separation between me and any other gay in that group. Apparently we are a loose bunch. So that really doesn’t help things at all. I need to start meeting people who don’t go to this school. But I also have no idea how I would ever spend time with those people. WHY IS THIS SO HARD??

Anyway, gonna move topics right quick. My brother, Evan, bought a bus ticket to come see My Fair Lady! Which I am very excited about because he hasn’t seen me perform since high school. He is coming on closing night, which means he will be at the cast party, so that will be an interesting dynamic that I can’t wait to update you guys on. He is getting here in the morning so that we can plan a fun day in the city (hopefully fueled by my father’s credit card). Evan and I have frequent fights, but we also have had a few times where we can have one lovely conversation for hours on end. I am just going to do my best to play nice, and somehow not let him know how excited I truly am.

I am now about to go shopping for She Kills Monsters stuff, and I have recruited a freshman minion to help me carry things. Mwahahaha. I’ll try not to make out with anyone today.

Stay hot and keep it messy,


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