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We Begin

I begin this blog just two months into the third decade of my life. I have just finished my seventh of twelve quarters at Northwestern University, where I am pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. I daresay that my twenties are going to be a crucial time in my life: A time I want to remember and a time when I want to keep track of what I will learn. And I hope to document my journey here.

I suppose this is the case with many adolescents, but I feel as though the past several years have brought about rapid change (and hopefully growth). As I sit in my apartment in Evanston (lovingly known as The Smokehouse), the seventeen-year-old boy who left Rochester Hills, Michigan with high hopes, big dreams and not a single clue what the fuck he was doing seems foreign, almost unrecognizable from the Will Wilhelm that I am today.

Much of the first two decades of my life were aimless, and perhaps even random, but I have a strong feeling that my twenties are going to be my formative years and the decisions I make now will be the ones to determine my future. I would be lying to say I’m not terrified, but the adventure seems thrilling, indeed. If the knowledge, experience, and exposure I have gained during just over two years at Northwestern and in Chicago is any indication, the next decade is going to be quite a wild ride.

I look back on the person I once was (William, as some know him) and it seems as though he thought he had all the answers. Well now I am less concerned with trying to seem as though I know what I’m doing, and I am ready to start asking, “What the hell is going on?” I sit here, on my bed, not having one clue where I will be ten years from now, but I cannot imagine the path being boring.

I have attempted this before. Making some sort of record of my life experience, that is. However, every blog, journal, diary, Tumblr, and yes, even a vlog, has thus far passed into the void of forgetfulness and general lack of dedication. But I do hope this one is different. I think the difference now will be that I finally have something important to say to myself.

So here we go. William, I hope that you’re not disappointed or confused, even though a lot has changed, and I am no longer pursuing that law degree or women. Our adventure awaits us.

Stay hot and keep it messy,


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