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New Year’s Resolutions 2013

As you ladies and gents start prepping your sequined dresses and bowties (not necessarily respectively) for the coming night of hammered debauchery, I am thinking back on 2012 and some personal things I hope to improve upon for the next twelve months. Hopefully if I post them for anyone to see, I’ll feel obliged to […]

“Theatre is a w…

“Theatre is a weapon. A very efficient weapon. For this reason, one must fight for it.” – Augusto Boal

The Illustrious Second Date

In a world of online dating sites and a constant barrage of multitasking and over-stimulation, dating can be hard. Many of the people around me put a lot of pressure onto the first date and attempting to create the perfect atmosphere of romanticism. I, however, don’t put as much stock into the first date, probably because […]

Christmas Gifts!

Normally, I am very wary when my family buys me clothing for Christmas, because I am normally the one to impart the gift of fashion on them. But this year they KILLED IT and the stash includes this amazing wine-colored, double-breasted pea-coat from Guess and a fun printed infinity scarf from H&M. Thanks, guys!

Take Me Or Leave Me, I Am What I Am, etc.

Since I am currently trapped in the town of my childhood, I feel that now would be an appropriate time to expose Rochester Hills for what it really is. I, along with all the other troubled adolescent queers, grew up in a conservative town. The particular problem with the ROC, however, is that most of […]

HuffPost’s Least Favorite Trends of 2012, with responses by myself and Erin Murray

HuffPost’s Least Favorite Trends of 2012, with responses by myself and Erin Murray One of my good friends, Erin, and I spent a significant portion of tonight publicly discussing our opinions on Huffington Post’s assessment of the biggest fashion disasters of the year. Here are our comments and I’d love to hear yours! 1. Peplums […]

Les Miserables: The Movie that Ruined Your Newsfeed

  Every musical theatre artist and most college students have had their Facebooks and Twitters savagely raped by each and every movie goer’s opinion of Les Mis in the last 72 hours. Mine was no exception, and I, too, was one of the guilty gang-bangers. I did, however, try to keep it brief and mostly […]